We are passionate about Abarth here too and have experience in all levels of modern Abarth work, from a simple oil change to a big turbo monster.


Minor Service: £175.(124/AGP/APE/500/595/695)

(9k, 27k, 45K, 63K)


  • Oil and oil filter change
  • Pollen filter change
  • Full checkover and report

Major Service: £275. (124/AGP/APE/500/595/695)

(18K, 36K, 54K 72K or every 2nd year)


  • Oil (Selenia Abarth 10/50 or Petronas/Selenia multiair 5/40)
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Pollen filter
  • Brake fluid change
  • Full checkover and report

Cambelt change: £300. (124, AGP, APE, 500/595/695) Includes: (Aux belt £10 extra if required)

  • Cambelt
  • Tensioner
  • Water pump
  • Anti freeze top up

Brakes: (supply and fit) (500/595/695)

  • Front axle – Brembo drilled discs 284mm, Brembo pads – £282
  • Front axle – Mtech drilled discs 305mm, Brembo pads – £297
  • Front axle – Brembo discs 284mm, Brembo pads – £257
  • Rear axle – Brembo drilled discs, Brembo pads – £250
  • Rear axle – Brembo discs, Brembo pads – £227.50

Suspension: (500/595/695)

  • Supply and fit front strut top mounts – £155

If you cant find a price you are looking for, please get in contact.

All prices above include VAT

All prices above are an estimate

Servicing is subject to an environmental disposal charge of £5+VAT

Brake work is subject to a sundries charge of £6.50 +VAT

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