We can supply and fit many modifications to make your car your own, from an induction kit to a big turbo kit, many are a fixed price and we only use the brands we trust!

  • Suspension from H&R, Koni, Bilstein, Powerflex
  • Brakes from Carbone Lorraine, Brembo
  • Induction kits from Ram Air filters, Forge Motorsport
  • Exhausts from Magnetti Marelli Bombardone
  • Intercoolers from Airtec, Forge
  • Actuators from Forge
  • Turbos from Turbo Technics
  • Remapping Celtic Tuning remaps in-house

Abarth 500/595 (supplied and fitted price, inc VAT)

  • Forge Dump Valve, £234
  • Forge Induction kit, £336.45
  • Forge Actuator, £156
  • Ram air induction kit, £204
  • 4H tech short shift kit, £135
  • Magneti Marelli Bombardone rear exhaust, £324
  • H&R lowering springs, £300
  • Airtec front mount intercooler, £600
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